The simplicity of life in hindsight

Another pearl in the box.

There were moments in my life when I could look at you and speak to my hearts desire; these moments were fueled by a fire, a fire that refused to burn out. Where did these moments go? Moments, like thoughts, are fleeting; they exist as long as you acknowledge their presence, they spur you on to greater things as long as you embrace their desire.

The passion had long receded from my life, like the ripples on the beach in a world where water were to be scant. It takes a moment of great passion to pen my thoughts together, and today constituted one of those moments. The passion stemmed not from hate nor from love, rather from respect. Respect for those that I chose not to understand for reasons that I was afraid to admit . These are moments that encapsulate a lesson about life, and each of my lessons come down like a dagger against my conscience.

Each lesson is a pearl stowed away in my box of wisdom, and maybe one day the pearls gathered along my journey show me the light at a time when darkness is all that exists.


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