The simplicity of life in hindsight


Nuclear war heads. Bio terrorism. Stealth drones. The internet virus.

The English language would wave its hands at me, admonishing the sheer lack of grammatical acumen in my first line. Words after words, not continuous, not rational, and yet so complete. The 4 phrases, together and each on their own paint a lucid picture of the extent to which humans have gone to serve the purpose of nature.

Like every powerful race that has ever inhabited the earth over the past hundreds of thousands of years, the human race will face extinction. Nature will purge itself every now and again to breed new inhabitants in an effort to sustain its existence. There was a time when the dinosaurs walked the face of this earth; these were enormous creatures that dominated all other species. There is evidence that these were creatures whose intimidating physical attributes were outshone only by their intellectual capacity. Dinosaurs sustained their existence for a long period, and it took an asteroid to wipe them off the face of the earth. That was nature purging itself. The human race will be treated no differently. We will be purged out one day. The difference between us and the dinosaurs is that we extend our generosity to nature by finding ways of serving his purpose of purging us out.

This brings me to Haiyan, the most devastating typhoon on earth. A typhoon that brought a country of 9000 islands to its knees. Millions of humans affected and thousands recorded as casualties, this is mother nature at work. She doesn’t need a plane to crash into a building, nor does she need nuclear power. Each of you lucky enough to not be affected by this typhoon, I ask of you, not for your money, not for your sympathy, but I ask of you to take a moment and put this event in perspective. I ask of you to think of your life and think of Haiyan. Think of everything you thought about misery and hate. Think of everything that you thought you lost and put it in perspective with Haiyan. I ask this of you, not because I deem your troubles to be insignificant, but I ask this of you to take a moment and size up your life and maybe reevaluate.

I ask this of you, because I was forced to reevaluate. I would never have understood the nature of my problems if Haiyan wasn’t as close to my heart as it is now. Haiyan is interwoven into my life through someone dear to me. The pain and suffering that Haiyan inflicted is etched into my mind, it has forced me to look at things differently. It has made me thankful so much in my life. It felt like I was pushed into an elevator and taken all the way to the skies, only to be introduced to the devastation and pain that exists all over the world.

We live in the world for a tiny period, our race will soon be banished from earth. We will not be banished for who we are, but we will be banished because it is the way of nature. We have the power to choose love and sacrifice over hate, and now is the time to make that choice. Nature has started its process of purging us out, we cannot fight it. We can choose to love and care for each other and stand tall to face Nature in all it’s glory. And maybe then, we can live to love and care for another day.

The world coming together as one:

I’m proud to be in the company of a dear Filipina who has made the choice to love and care. I’m proud of everything she’s doing for her country.  And I’m proud to have learned this lesson from her.



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