The simplicity of life in hindsight

The strength of a mother

They say that the greatest strength of a man is also his biggest weakness. You walk down the streets that’s seen war, and you can’t help but notice that the women are the ones that are left behind. The men walk to the forefront and fight with their heads held high; they fight because they know no other way, and because they think there’s no other way. The women flock around men who they deem courageous, who have that killer instinct in them to fight through any obstacle. The women are naturally drawn to courage, and it’s this allure to courage that leaves them behind. The courage that they see ends up being what deprives them of the joy of companionship.

As I walk through the streets that was once the backyard of the great war, I seem to get flashes of the past of this magnificent city. Flashes of power, flashes of strength, flashes of courage, flashes of unity that drove conflict. You read about the women who fight through this era, you watch them in the movies, your brain tries to conceive the agony that they must go through, but you can never really understand. The real heroes in war are the women who get left behind, the real heroes are the ones who stay back and hold the fort, the courage doesn’t stem from walking to the line of fire, but having the strength to stay behind and keep a legacy going. The women have always held the baton of having to keep a legacy going, the burden of fostering life, while the men battle to end lives.

The strongest women are those who have to foster life, and who have to foster life with the burden of doing it alone. The strongest will always be the mother of a child. None can withstand the pain of a mother, none can love like a mother, and none can fight stronger battles than a mother.

I’ve seen the strength of the mother when I have had to look up, but only today did I see and feel the strength of a mother standing by her side. Only today, did I truly understand what my mother went through, and only today do I understand what it means to have someone to foster, to nurture and someone to live for. Only when I had a mother for a best friend did I truly understand.


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