The simplicity of life in hindsight

The year that was.

This was a year that began without any resolutions. I didn’t think that it was necessary to wait for the calendar to dictate when I should become a better person. I would become better each time I found a flaw. This was a year, when I became a better person everyday. However, this was a year when I  struggled to overcome flaws that I have always had.

So I’m thinking, should I have a resolution for the year 2012? Is it worth wasting a day to  change something I can change right now? It’s not.

The first few months of the year were months which brought enormous joy to my life, I had received decisions from most of the schools I had applied to, I had been rejected by many of the smaller schools. But strangely, I was accepted by two of the big schools.  I wouldn’t characterize it as strange, merely because it’s been the story of my life. I was rejected by all the small undergraduate schools in my city, only to be accepted (albeit, the last moment) by one of the biggest schools in my city. Nothing much has changed on that front.

After a LOT of deliberation I chose the right school. I did, however, go through a circus act at work, where I played hide and seek with my boss with my resignation letter.

So once I resigned, I dedicated all my time and energy to preparing for the challenge of going to MIT-ZLOG. And let’s just say, I had less time to prepare than I would’ve liked.

From August, my whole life changed for the better. I was in a whole different world, with different people, who had such different values! I don’t think I’m completely adjusted to life there yet, I still think I’m a little bit  in my shell. I really need to break free from my shell, and do exactly as I please.

Life is too short to be living in a shell. Maybe that’s one thing I need to change. And no, I’m not waiting till tomorrow to change that.

And then I met a girl. It was so complicated when I met her, at first. It was a melange of emotions that I went through with her. But much has changed since. She really is something. Of late, I’ve been hounding her a little too much with all my messages because of my constant need to want to see her and talk to her. Sometimes, I forget that she may not really feel the same way. Sometimes I wish I was in the far east.

Anyway, my life since September has been all about studies, thesis, more studies. A little bit of football, which I’m getting better at apparently. And more studies. As much as I keep re-iterating that it’s been about studies. I can say that I haven’t done any justice to my coursework, I know I can do MUCH better. I know I should be doing MUCH better. And that’s something I’m going to wait until next year to do. Not because I’m lazy to start right away, but because my next semester starts next year.

I’m going to Boston and Aarhus next year. I know already that it’s going to be a great year. I just need to keep at it. I know that things will fall in place, things always have fallen in place.

Life isn’t about how smart or stupid you are, life isn’t about how lucky or unlucky you are, life isn’t about how rich or poor you are. Life is all about being sensible and making the right decisions. I think I can manage that.



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