The simplicity of life in hindsight

Los Pyrenees and Bielsa (Part 1)

This is probably my first post on travel, and for good reason too. I’ve traveled a little in my days and have never really experienced enough beauty to be able to take time off to write about it. But that was before I traveled to a small little town called Bielsa, which is in the midst of one of the largest mountain ranges in Europe.

The mountain range I’m talking about is the Pyrenees mountains. It’s located at the Spanish border and acts like an imposing gateway to France. You can travel right through the range  and get to France, it’s that simple.

As you begin your ascent to the top toward Bielsa you come across many beautiful lakes, the lakes from far above look like the teary blue eyes of a beautiful little girl. As we traveled up on the bus, each of us were slowly sucked into the beauty of the mountains, it was nature’s way of putting us in a trance. There were steep overpowering mountains on either side with tiny specs of snow on top.

We reached Bielsa after a 3.5hr drive from Zaragoza. The town, much like the mountain range around it was beautiful. It was a really small town, you could walk right across town in 15 minutes. They say it has a population of around 200 people!

The little houses remind you of a bygone era in Spain, and the people make you want to believe that there is still good in the world.

By night, the streets are lit up with an incandescent glow that puts the moon to shame. The people are on the streets sitting around the cafe and taking in everything that is Bielsa. As I sat on the street and looked around me, I knew that this was one town that’s still got a long way to go before it can be scarred by superfluous state of existence in other parts of the world. And at times, you just hope that places like this remain untouched by the extravagance and pretentiousness of the outside world.


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