The simplicity of life in hindsight

The Inception of a New Source Code

Q: What do you call an exhaustive Friday capped off with a movie, which makes absolutely no sense?

A: A Not-So-Good Friday

If you got that last question right, it’s safe to assume that we might be on the same wavelength. And hence you have my nod of approval to go on and add me on Facebook.

So what’s with this sudden craze to make movies, which seem like they’re for the intellectually profound, but in reality makes absolutely no sense? It’s alright the first time (Matrix), and maybe the second time (Inception), but the third time? Not  really.  I get this feeling that we need a whole new genre to epitomize movies of this nature, maybe “Co-Non”? (Complex Nonsense).  Source Code was the latest addition to the Co-Non genre, but a poor addition, I must say. To me, the movie wreaks of plagiarism at a very elementary level. At least Christopher Nolan had the decency to come up with some very original complex nonsense, Ben Ripley on the other hand has just mooched off Christopher’s idea.

Sticking tweezers connected by strings to the head/brain to transport one to a whole a different dimension/time zone is definitely the kind of idea, which Christopher should’ve copyrighted. Now you’re going to have tons of writers sticking tweezers to the head and doing a whole lot of experimentation, heck, I could try my hand at it too. Christopher at least adhered to logic within his own fantasy. Logic, on the other hand is a concept lost on Ben. You can’t stick tweezers to the head and go on traipsing around doing exactly as you please; sticking people in a cabin, killing people, bringing them back to life, killing them again, calling some random douche’s dad, messaging people from one dimension to another (I hope she had free messaging, or that would have really set her back a LOT), and then bringing everyone back to life again just for the “All’s-well that end’s well” finish. It’s saddening to say the least.

It’s the kind of movie you watch, leave the theater in silence and go home and weep in solitary confinement. It’s definitely NOT the kind of movie you analyze, dissect and try to comprehend. It’s DEFINITELY NOT the kind of movie that you debate over, and establish intellectual superiority over your peers by creating a much more plausible explanation to a random ridiculous sequence of events. Unfortunately, I was a witness to one such bout of the aforementioned over analysis.

I’d give this movie a 9 on 17000. With the units of 9 and 17000 varying depending on the number of polar bears sneezing on the north pole at midnight. Yes, I wreak of originality and creativity like Christopher too, traits which Ben will probably need to learn from me.


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