The simplicity of life in hindsight

Dani Alves and The Law of Conservation

Like the law of conservation of energy, there seems to a parallel law governing acting. The existence of such a law wasn’t immediately apparent to me; it took a great deal of analytical foresight, destructive testing and pay-per-view television viewing to bring about the inception of my unique concept. But like Pythagoras, who stole the whole 90deg asquare, bsquare formula from some unsuspecting jewish peddler, an internet snooper will poach this concept for her own. This post, shall be evidence that I am the visionary behind this  law.

If you’re a movie buff, then you must be privy to the deteriorating standards in acting. Movies have armed themselves these days to capture their audience not with the skill of the dramatist but with his stunning good looks, definitely not a encouraging trend. So what happens to those dramatists with exceptional drama skills, but not so exceptional aesthetic appeal?

They play Football.

1. Dani Alves

The rumor mill has it, that he was supposed to be cast along side Eva Green in Quantum of Solace, but Mark Forester would have none of it. I wouldn’t blame him either, nobody wants somebody who looks like a cross between a Martian and a chipmunk to be cast along with Eva Green. And so he was dismissed with a desultory wave of the hands, a gesture that was imprinted in his mind forever. Look at him now – phenomenal theatrics, day in and day out, all in the pursuit of watching the not-so-desultory wave of  the hands of the referee. This picture was taken during a particularly sterling performance at the Santiago Bernabau, and the desultory wave of the hands, directed Pepe to a long and disappointing walk. I’d definitely get my tickets for his next performance at Wembley, I think you should too.

The lack of drama skills at Hollywood has been compensated by the quality in football. Hence Proved.


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