The simplicity of life in hindsight

A Second Life

How can one tell when the mind slows down, when the cerebral juices are being sucked away? Honestly, it’s not that hard to figure out. I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of the cerebral fluid drain myself, and my first clue was my ineptitude at putting pen to paper and writing something intelligent. My second clue, was my sudden lack of painfully long and perverse train(s) of thought. The “keineannung” blog is meant to slow down the retardation, it’s my counter to the dwindling mind. When one senses the mind is dwindling, one tends to kneel on the floor and sing silent prayers; I, on the other hand am not one such being.

If I were to liken my attitude toward life to another being who has tread on mother earth, and who you’ve probably read or heard or studied about at some point of time in life, I would liken myself to Hanna Barbera. That’s right. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, I can safely assume that you’ve skipped childhood and jumped right into whatever irrelevant phase of life you’re groping about at.

So that’s it for my first post, and by now, it should be quite obvious to you that my posts are not meant for intellectual stimulation or for those who crave what people these days call “roll-onthefloor-laughing” humor.

It’s for those who have time, and have no idea of its value.


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